Gas stove 60 cm stainless steel




Gas system:

  • 4 burners with different powers, of which one is a turbo burner. : 1900 KW
  • Medium burners: 1700 KW
  • Small burner: 950 KW

Safety and ignition characteristics and means :

  • Lower power buttons.
  • Durable and easy to clean stainless steel surface
  • Enamel coating burners and pot holders
  • Safety sensors in all burners that automatically stop the flow of gas with the fire extinguisher to prevent gas leakage and for maximum safety.
  • Electronic ignition is built into gas buttons.
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    • Marble cutting dimensions: width 56 cm, length 49 cm
    • External dimensions: width: 59 Cm, length 52 cm

    Finish: stainless steel

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