The new showroom of FUJICOM

Fujicom is proud to present its new flagship store!

In the huge flagship store (!!!) you will discover a whole world of electrical products of excellent quality and at particularly affordable prices.

Fujicom’s flagship store is located in Beerot Yitzhak, 5 minutes from Petah Tikva and 15 minutes from Tel Aviv.

Jumping into our new flagship store will allow you to be impressed by the huge selection of Fujicom products for home and kitchen as well as cellular products, care products for men and women, sound products and more. 

The complex includes a showroom, an OUTLET store and a service lab.

And of course you will always find great deals that you will not find anywhere else.

So what are you waiting for? 

Come today and be amazed at what Fujicom can offer you.


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