FUJICOM Beard Care Case



Beard styling, argan oil, shampoo and lotion for facial and facial skin



Portable beard designer that includes:
n3 combs 4,5,8 mm Modular comb 1,1.5,2 mm Modular comb 3,4,7,9,11,13 mm “X000D_ Includes oil bottle and cleaning brush (recommended to lubricate the blades before each use) Includes AAA

Alkaline Moisturizer for beard and facial skin. Enriched with argan oil for increased moisture.

A unique oil based on natural jojoba oil, argan oil and sesame oil to give shine, softness and elasticity to the beard and facial skin

> And shampoo for hair and beard enriched with argan oil and a mixture of polymers, gently cleanses the beard, balances it and gives moisture and softness

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